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Frequently Asked Questions:

Heute’s SPMs have a warranty of 3 years after purchase. An exception to this is the Easy Comfort; it has a warranty of 2 years after purchase

During this period, Heute takes responsibility for damage and/or errors caused during production and assembly. Damage caused by incorrect use of the SPM will void the warranty.

Are you experiencing a problem with your SPM? Please send an email with the required information to . We will help you as quickly as possible!

Heute guarantees the availability of spare parts for your SPM for 20 years after your purchase.

An SPM especially gives you convenience: instead of grabbing your brushes, shoe cream and (now dirty) cloths, you can clean and make your shoes beautiful in a few quick movements. It takes you considerably less time and you don’t have to ‘sit down’. In fact, you can just keep your shoes on and stand still.

You operate the SPM via the button (or automatic sensor) and the brushes start rotating. You operate the shoe cream dispenser with your feet. This way you don’t have dirty hands and there is less chance of dirt getting on your clothes. 

An SPM is for the ‘quick’ daily maintenance of your leather shoes; it cleans, adds shine and gives the look you expect from your beautiful shoes. Heute’s special shoe cream also impregnates and therefore protects against moisture. Because your shoes are clean, the leather remains supple and moisture is retained, your shoes remain in better condition. Your shoes will last longer and that is sustainable.

Please note; It remains necessary to sometimes give your shoes a few days of ‘rest’ and to use shoe trees. An SPM does not replace these necessities.  

Yes, you will receive 1 bottle of colorless shoe cream for free with your ordered shoe shine machine. With that bottle you can fill the dispenser that every SPM already has and polishing your shoes is now very easy.

We will of course try to have your order delivered as quickly as possible. The SPMs come from Germany and are handmade and shipped upon request with the greatest care. For this reason, we ask that you please allow 3 to 20 business days for cleaning, depending on the SPM(s) you ordered. Therefore, check the product page for current information.

If you purchase an SPM, you can return it within 30 days (right of withdrawal). Most stores allow 14 days, but we are confident that you will be satisfied with your purchase. That’s why we give you extra time to think about it, which is nice.

You will of course receive a full refund of your purchase price; this will be credited to your account within 14 days.

If you would like to exercise your right of withdrawal, please send an email to . The next steps regarding returns will then be discussed with you and everything will be arranged as quickly as possible.

Regular use of your SPM also introduces dirt into your machine. The ‘floor’ of your SPM is made of rubber and can be removed: tap it outside regularly. This is also the time to remove the dirt from the rubber floor with the vacuum cleaner. 

Be aware that there is a strong motor in the shoe shine machine. This means that it is important, for example, to have your shoes tied before you polish your shoes; otherwise you run the risk of the lace getting tangled between the rotating parts.

While cleaning you are focused on making that one shoe beautiful, but don’t forget to keep your balance! It sounds quite logical, but especially in the beginning, your (new) attitude can take a bit of getting used to. Just be aware of this. Therefore, place the shoe shine machine on a stable surface and avoid slippery floors.

As with many things in and around the house, children may not see the dangers that you do. 

The fact remains that an SPM is electrically powered and contains rotating parts that children can reach. Be aware of this. Some SPMs have a ‘fixed’ cable that you can easily remove from the socket, but cannot be disconnected from the device itself. An example of this is the Easy Comfort. On the other hand: The Elégance series are supplied with a power cable that you can also disconnect from the SPM (a similar power cable as with desktops). This option is better with children around, because after use you can store the cable safely.

The shoe cream is harmful if swallowed. With most SPMs, the dispenser can be easily disconnected (to refill cream) and, if necessary, stored in a safe place, out of the sight of children.

Not sure if this also applies to your machine? Or do you have other questions? Send us an email and we will help you answer your question as quickly as possible!

The following applies to everything: READ THE INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USE. These are supplied as standard.

We recommend that you first report any complaints to us by emailing . If this does not lead to a solution, it is possible to register your dispute for mediation via Stichting WebwinkelKeur. From February 15, 2016, consumers in the EU will also be able to register complaints via the European Commission’s ODR platform. This ODR platform can be found at If your complaint is not yet being processed elsewhere, you are free to file your complaint via the European Union platform.

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