What was your first experience with a shoe shine machine (SPM)?

That was on holiday a long time ago, I think I was about 10 years old. When you travel you naturally discover many new things, especially as a child: the SPM was such a discovery for me. I saw one in a hotel, hidden in a corner. That copy was dark, ugly, dusty and worn, but because I had never seen anything like it before, it made me very curious! Curious as to what the machine was for, I pressed the button and suddenly those brushes started spinning powerfully! That made a big impression on me as a child and has always stayed with me!


How come you have a shoe shine machine (SPM) at home?

When I graduated as a pharmacist in 2012, I threw a big party. Leading up to that party, my friends asked what I would like to get from them as a gift. Because I wear leather shoes, I really wanted my own SPM! My friends then did their own research and selected the Easy Comfort for me. Afterwards I heard from them that it had not been easy to find one, because SPMs were not available in the Netherlands at the time! The memory of graduation, the regular use and the friendship with this group make my SPM a truly unique gift!


How do you use the SPM?

I have had my SPM since 2012 and am still very happy with it every day. Never had to complain or have to have a repair done! I use the machine once or twice a week and it is located in the hall of our home. That’s also where my shoes are kept and it’s the last place in the house I am before I leave the house. Just a look in the mirror, a quick shoe shine and off you go!


What about the durability of the shoe shine machine (SPM)?

The SPM itself lasts a very long time and is energy efficient in use. But, even more importantly: leather shoes last much longer! If I speak for myself: when I didn’t have an SPM yet, I sometimes skipped cleaning because I simply didn’t feel like it or was too lazy. Since I have my own SPM, brushing has been a piece of cake and I use my SPM regularly. I think it has already given me several pairs of shoes!


Why do you have a shoe shine machine (SPM) at home?

I want the leather shoes I wear to remain neat for a long time. I also think it’s important to pay attention to the details: shoes stand out when they look rotten, but also when they look neat! Of course, I sometimes have my leather shoes resoled, or a new heel is needed. But, the maintenance of the leather itself, that is what my SPM does for me. Since I got one at home, I haven’t had to deal with the cloths and ointments anymore! My shoes always look beautiful and I regularly receive compliments on them: just yesterday, coincidentally!

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