Frequently Asked Questions:

For everyone who wears leather shoes and likes convenience. Men, women, young and old. An SPM completes your outfit and takes good care of your shoes. So: ‘Give it to your shoes, but especially to yourself!’

That’s really personal. I know people who are very familiar with the different cleaning products, or, for example, find brushing very relaxing: I suspect that an SPM will not appeal to them. For me personally, I have only used my SPM for leather maintenance for the past 7 years! Before then, I sometimes skipped cleaning because I simply didn’t feel like it or was too lazy. Since I have my own SPM, brushing has been a piece of cake and I use my SPM regularly.

Shoe cream. When you purchase an SPM you will receive a bottle for free. For me, when I received my SPM as a gift, I received a few bottles of shoe creams with it: I have now started the second bottle.    

We offer 5 different types of SPMs: from natural wood to industrial steel, from a modern look to classic. From an entry-level model to a large powerhouse covered with 24 carat gold and a very luxurious appearance. In short, there is something for everyone, but our collection is specifically aimed at the wishes of private individuals.

We have made a classification based on the size of the different SPMs:

  • Small:            
    • EasyComfort
    • Cosmo
  • Resourse:             
    • Elegance Nature       
    • Elegance Couleur
  • Big:              
    • Polifix 2

For the exact dimensions, please take a look at the page of the SPM you have chosen.

Basically, all our SPMs do the same thing: they polish your leather shoes with shoe cream and rotating brushes without it costing you any energy or effort. The differences include:

  • Brush size: Almost all our models have smaller brushes and are therefore ideal for a place in the house. The exception to this is the Polifix 2: it has significantly larger brushes and is therefore suitable for very intensive use
  • Starting my SPM:
    • Start sensor: Elegance Nature, Elegance Couleur and Cosmo are started by holding your foot in front of a sensor
    • Push button: Easy Comfort and the Polifix 2 are started with a push button
  • Turning off my SPM :
    • Time sensor: Elegance Nature, Elegance Couleur, Cosmo and Polifix 2 stop automatically after 45 seconds
    • Push button: Easy Comfort is turned off using a push button

An SPM is suitable for leather shoes, not suede!

Start rotating the brushes by moving past the sensor or pressing the start button

  1. Use the middle brush to remove the dirt from the shoes. TIP: Place the heel on the ground for good balance 
  2. Tap the bottom of the dispenser ( far left ) with the toe of your shoes until shoe cream comes out.
  3.  Light color leather? Left brush Dark color leather? However brush

Polish your shoes until they and you shine again 🙂

For sneakers we recommend only using the middle brush (point 1) to remove dirt.

We have beautiful, high-quality models in our range that fit perfectly into the interior of the private individual.

In addition:

  • When you purchase an SPM, you will receive a free bottle of shoe cream worth € 29.95
  • We never charge shipping costs
  • you can return the product within 30 days
  • Our SPMs have a warranty period of 36 months (with the exception of the Easy Comfort: 24 months)
  • we guarantee that parts that may be needed will still be available for the next 20 years

The price you see on our website is always the price including VAT.

I sometimes saw a dusty SPM in hotels or sometimes in a restaurant, but I had never seen one in someone’s home before: let alone a beautiful model! Because I have been enjoying my SPM so much for years and want to make this accessible to every private individual who wears leather shoes, the image of the SPM deserves a good cleaning!

We regularly enter into dealership(s) with stores. Send us a message to find out where we currently have an SPM so you can experience the convenience yourself.

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